Helping people and businesses make awesome websites

I am a designer and Web developer with expertise in visual, creative and Web design. A proven cross-functional creative and technical team leader and contributor. An advocate of data-driven, user-centered design, familiar with collaborative, agile development practices, prototyping, minimum viable product and iteration. And a provider of quality design products and services to multiple brands. I also have excellent client and customer relations skills.

What I like to do:
☻ Connect with business owners, colleagues, users, stakeholders and customers
☻ Help these people see their dreams made real with awesome design
☻ Build cool products that do good things
☻ Learn constantly, including new technologies, techniques and ways of thinking
☻ Lead, whatever my position in the pack

Capabilities: Web design, UI, UX, HTML, CSS, PHP, Drupal, WordPress, mobile responsive Web, wireframing, mobile-responsive HTML email, front-end development, data analysis, SEO, marketing, branding, content, taxonomy, multimedia, writing, editing. Also Adobe Suite, art direction, print design, infographics, illustration, strategy and design team management

Let’s begin with a free initial consultation. I will do my best to help you immediately with two or three good ideas, without any pressure to do business. 

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