What Does “Web Shaman” Mean?

Horse cave painting

Picture, if you will, the cave paintings at Lascaux, where paleolithic artists created images of bison, dear, horses and other animals on the cave’s walls, deep under ground. There is a theory that these artworks were painted by tribal shamen, men, women and non-binaries who’s life purpose was to channel the spiritual into the everyday world.

In this view, the artist was not only reflecting past experiences in this world, but also projecting the intentions of the tribe. Close to nature, paleolithic people had wisdom that was largely lost in more modern ages, wisdom we in our present society are only now re-learning. Known variously as “The Secret,” “The Law of Attraction,” “intentioning,” and “the power of positive thinking,” there’s a notion that, if one holds something that one wants or needs in mind, and especially if one visualizes it, one attracts that thing into reality. So, the paleolithic artist shaman painted prey animals, to attract them into their world, in order to serve the crucial purpose of feeding the tribe.

The name of this Web site, The Web Shaman, is a metaphor for this idea in the context of our modern world. My purpose is to help people and organizations to paint their prized objectives, or ‘prey animals,’ on the virtual cave wall: the Web, the most essential communications medium of our time. We begin by talking, to understanding each other’s resonant core values, the irreducible motivations and aspirations of each group or person, their higher purpose. I then help them to channel this “spirt,” creating and shaping how that spirit is expressed in Web pages and sites, in the form of ideas, organization, designs, technical solutions, and functional teams. In this way, together we create Web sites that not only reflect the person’s or organization’s current reality, but also attract the outcomes desired, or something better.

The Web Shaman motto is “envision greatness – capture the future.”

You will find me a thoroughly modern person who is both scientific and spiritual. It is my pleasure to provide a free initial consultation, to discuss a Web site or intended project, and offer ideas and suggestions, to begin by being helpful. If the relationship that develops feels like a good fit to both of us, it is my pleasure to join your team.

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